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Dr. Amen & Darshan Shah

“There’s an app, there’s a couple of them of them. The one I like is called Think Dirty. You can scan products and it will tell you on a scale from 0 to 10 how bad they are for you. When I figured this out, I was scanning everything. I shaved for 50 years with Barbasol which is rated a 9. Now I shave with Kiss My Face, and that’s rated a 2!”

– Dr. Amen

“The cosmetics that you use and the stuff you put on your body, there’s a great app called Think Dirty. You can put any product in there to scan the barcode and it’ll tell you the level of toxins and recommend you the most non-toxic products. You do that, you cover 80% of the landscape, and you are living in a mostly non-toxic environment.”

– Darshan Shah, MD. Founder of Next Health

Breast Cancer Reviews 6

“I am a stage 3 breast cancer survivor, diagnosed at 31, and it was NOT genetic. That woke me up and I care about what goes on my skin, my kids skin, what I deal with, and etc. This app is amazing, it is so easy to use. I also love that if what you scan or search is dirty it gives you clean options AND it links you to where you can buy it.”

– Lauren Feindel, Think Dirty App User

“Use this app all the time! I have hormone positive breast cancer so I use this app to check beauty products before buying. You’d be surprised that a lot of products that brag about being “good for you” are not.”

– Snshine419, Think Dirty App User

Breast Cancer Reviews 5

“So glad to find this app. My mom had breast cancer and it made me really think about ingredients in products. I’ve switched to using only organic or clean products and this app made it so much easier!”

– RachoBako, Think Dirty App User

“I find this app so helpful! I wish I would have known about it before my breast cancer. Now, this helps me to steer clear of toxic chemicals that are hidden in some products.”

– farmwife2022, Think Dirty App User

Breast Cancer Reviews 4

“Was recommended to my sister after she was diagnosed with breast cancer caused by environmental factors.”

– angelita es, Think Dirty App User

“As I work on getting whole body healthy, I’m trying to reduce the amount of chemicals I use in my everyday life. After having breast cancer, Think Dirty helps me determine what products are healthy enough to keep in my life and which are not.”

– Dogotis, Think Dirty App User

Breast Cancer Reviews 3

I have an autoimmune illness and I am using this app to change over to products with much less chemicals or no chemicals. If you have children or anyone, I would definitely use this app for every purchase. This is also a way to “vote” with your dollars and support those companies that are doing right. This is an update to my first review: after using this app as a guide to change my purchases to products that have less (or none!) harmful chemicals, 60 days later, I am seeing and feeling a big difference in my skin and lungs. Less irritation, and fatigue. I have started to check every product I buy in this app. Target is a great store for offering many of the cleanest products recommended on this app. I have found 80% of the items recommended by “Think Dirty” there. There is a “clean” button on filters for most every product, which helps isolate which ones might be best. It does take some cross referencing to the app, to assure the cleanest products! Thank you for having the app!!

– Sandee H., Think Dirty App User

Breast Cancer Reviews 2

“I am a breast cancer survivor. A nurse practitioner from Baptist MD Anderson Hospital in Jacksonville, FL told me to get the think dirty app. She gave me a paper handout with instructions on how to use the app to find clean products that are non-toxic. I don’t make any purchase without running it through the Think Dirty app first.”

– ReneeS1959, Think Dirty App User

“I was so happy to learn of your app from my daughter (in-law)! I am a 12-year breast cancer survivor and try to use only the cleanest/organic products I can find and afford. As important as this is, even more important is to use only cruelty-free products as well!!!”

– Laura H., Think Dirty App User

Breast Cancer Reviews 1

“Thank you, THINK DIRTY!!! Having survived triple negative breast cancer I am always concerned about what goes on and in my body and forever will be! This app dispels so much anxiety. Thank you, again!”

– MegMul84, Think Dirty App User

“After a Breast Cancer diagnosis, this app has helped me understand what non toxic products are available for me and what I can continue using easily!! Thank you.”

– popcornlove1990, Think Dirty App User

Janet Nudelman & ChloeMeagan

“With a tool like Think Dirty, consumers can help find and promote good companies that are using nontoxic ingredients. You shouldn’t have to be a toxicologist to know how to find safer products.”

– Janet Nudelman, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

“Incredibly useful app! I always considered myself a person who used natural and environmentally-friendly product until I downloaded this app. It is eye-opening to say the least. I can’t wait to see more products added!”

– ChloeMeagan, Think Dirty App User

Karina Birch & thinkingclean

“I love knowing the health impact of what’s on my bathroom shelf. Every consumer of beauty products needs this free app.

– Karina Birch, Founder of Rocky Mountain Soap

“Awesome! I have numerous allergies and I checked Think Dirty before I buy any new product and have found it useful. Don’t know what I would do without it now.”

– thinkingclean, Think Dirty App User

Kyle Shearer & ttdoublenk

“It helps me make informed choices on products that I am bringing home.”

-Kyle Shearer, TED Blog Staff

“Time saver and life saver. Amazing!! I used to Google each ingredient in my products before purchasing to make sure they weren’t harmful. Now I have an app that does that for me AND recommends a natural product… I just got to start getting my daughter’s fathers to start using it.”

-ttdoublenk, Think Dirty App User

Fast Co. & KevMacdod

“Tse’s quest for greater transparency is personal. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor, so she’s sensitive to hidden dangers in the products around us.”

– Fast Co. Exist

“So handy! Immediate answer to the burning question – is this bad for me? Have thrown a lot of things out now knowing what to buy instead.”

-KevMacdod, Think Dirty App User

Ecouterre & Shoplesslivemore

“Buying safe cosmetics has never been easier.”

– Ecouterre

“Love this when shopping. This app is great as it makes things so much easier when trying to decide on a product in store. In the past I felt like I had to stand in the aisle for 30m trying to look up ingredients etc. This app breaks thing down so simply and you can spend less time in store.”

– Shoplesslivemore, Think Dirty App User

Brit + Co & Janey6549

“Think Dirty is an app that makes figuring out exactly what you’re slathering on your face, lips, bod (and, yikes, then washing down the drain) as easy as snapping a picture.”

– Brit + Co.

“I am amazed at how many popular brand name products are full of chemicals. I have stopped using them. Thank you for opening my eye to natural clean products for my body. I love using this app as a resource before buying!”

– Janey6549, Think Dirty App User

Bill Baker & KimbaC

“Lily and the team are doing a phenomenal job on an important app. This is something everyone who cares about their health should have in hand when they go shopping for personal care products!”

– Bill Baker, CEO, Consonant Body

“My favorite app! I don’t know what I would do without this app. It’s absolutely amazing and has inspired me to live a cleaner life.”

– KimbaC, Think Dirty App User

Nadeyah & Luis756

“As someone who has past horror stories of using product that caused my skin allergy, Think Dirty is an app that I have been waiting for so long. It will let me know all the ingredients in the products, so I won’t have to be a human guinea pig for new products. It will be a saviour for people like myself who has bad experience of using the wrong product for undisclosed ingredients. Looking forward to the launch of this important app!!”

– Nadeyah Kailan, Director Events and Sponsorship of Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada

“Life changer. This app will make you more conscious of all bad chemicals that we absorb daily through our bodies. It has opened my eyes to true chemical-free brand and unveiled well-known brands that pretend to be.”

– Luis756, Think Dirty App User

Ruby Rose & desiremap

“What changed my routine and really my life is the Think Dirty app.”

– Ruby Rose

“Awesome! Love to know what is bad for you. So many big words and it rates it all. Thank you for creating something like this.”

– desiremap, Think Dirty App User

The Atlantic & Meaggymoo

“An App That Helps You Find the Safest Make-up.”

– The Atlantic

“Wow! All I can say is wow I scanned some of my product and most of them scored high on the dirty level. I didn’t realize just how much junk is in that stuff. I plan on swapping some of my products for cleaner ones recommended in the app.”

– Meaggymoo, Think Dirty App User



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