Webinar: Treating skin conditions

Offered by Province Apothecary, specialized in holistic healing and plant medicine. Province Apothecary’s mission is to harness the power of nature to help everyone feel confident and comfortable in their skin. The team has offered some very helpful resources in treating skin conditions.

Beauty Heros’s Definition of Clean Beauty

Mindfully created products define clean Beauty without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients. Clean Beauty products include ethically sourced ingredients and are made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind. Find out more how Beauty Hero define Clean Beauty.

6 Myths of Clean Beauty Debunked

The clean beauty movement is new and evolving—and also complicated and confusing. Even the exact definition of “clean beauty” itself is still hotly debated by pretty much everyone in the community. And because the messaging around clean beauty products isn’t regulated either, a brand can claim anything it wants about its supposedly clean/green/sustainable products, and there’s no governing body to fact-check it.

Cosmo’s Super-Easy, Not-Confusing Guide to Clean Beauty

Clean beauty is confusing. Like, ‘s very confusing. With all the mixed-up jargon and phrases and the “bad” versus “good” mentality among brands and products, the entire clean beauty scene can feel needlessly complicated. 53 per cent of you said you were unclear on what clean beauty is—which is exactly why I created this quickie guide for you. It covers all the need-to-know basics, from WTF “clean” even means to the best products to try first without confusion. Consider this your crash course to clean beauty—and it starts now.