Think Dirty’s Halloween Product Guide

Think Dirty’s Halloween Product Guide

It is hard to believe that we are already in the midst of Fall! The leaves are starting to fall off the trees, the sun is hiding, and Halloween is just around the corner! We wanted to give you guys some easy alternatives if you are looking to make the switch to non-toxic products this Halloween. Everyone loves a little face paint on Halloween, especially if you have little ones dressing up for the holiday.

Non-toxic alternatives are easy to come by these days when it comes to makeup and skincare, especially now that the clean beauty industry has taken off. When it comes to costume makeup, however, it gets a little trickier. Unfortunately, most common face paints (even the ones used on kids), contain harmful ingredients like parabens and talc. Reports have even found dangerous chemicals like lead and cadmium specifically in children’s makeup and face paint. Costumes and haunted houses should be the scariest part of Halloween, not the chemicals.

There are a few kid-safe face paints out there that you can go ahead and get before Halloween rolls around:

This kit from Natural Earth Paint comes with 6 bright colours and eco-friendly bamboo applicators!

This Elegant Minerals kit is great if you’re looking for a little more colour variety! It has 16 shades you can pick and choose from to make your set of 5. It’s also a great vegan option (often paints contain beeswax).

Klee Naturals sells easy-to-use face paint sticks and makeup kits for kids by theme!

For the more DIY-inclined individuals among us: you can make your own face paint at home! We like this easy recipe that only uses a few ingredients, but there are lots of quick recipes out there on the internet.

You can also make your own fake blood pretty easily in your kitchen if you’re going for a horror movie type of look. We like this recipe, but again there are a ton of recipes out there!

Just need some sparkles to brighten up your costume?

This FitGlow palette is multipurpose — it comes with a highlighter and 5 versatile sparkly eyeshadows that could be used to create your perfect Halloween look.