Think Dirty Coping Toolbox: Moodboards + Playlists

Think Dirty Coping Toolbox: Moodboards + Playlists

shanen’s make it fashun moodboard
my make it fashun moodboard

There have been a lot of memes about how introverts are thriving during COVID-19. Yet even as an introvert myself, staying sane is becoming a bit of a struggle. We at Think Dirty realize that everyone has different ways of coping. With this in mind, we’ve created a series where we can be candid about how self-isolation has been affecting us and how we’re dealing with it in our own ways. If you’ve been dealing with anxiety since the quarantine, I recommend reading the Anxiety in The Time of Corona article.

I don’t know about you, but something about quarantine has everyone baking banana bread like their life depends on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love banana bread but we’ve found that there are a lot of other ways to get through the day (Here’s a healthy recipe for cinnamon toast cereal bread by Ryupure.) There is no right answer for how to deal with the anxiety that comes with self-isolation. Hopefully, our ideas help with any stress, anxiety or over-baking.


There is a misconception that moodboarding is an activity only designers are able to do properly. In fact, anyone can moodboard. I find moodboarding quite relaxing whether it’s on Pinterest or cutting out images and putting them together. If you’re like me and love to curate content based on aesthetics, colors, or vibes then moodboarding is definitely something you should give a try! Especially if you had a Tumblr blog back in the day.

shanen’s make it fashun moodboard
my make it fashun moodboard

I’m a visual person so I find comfort in seeing a feed or a collection of content that has a cohesive theme. Curating a moodboard based on my interests in fashion, interior design, and even tattoos help me ease my mind. It kills a lot of time when I get in the zone. I can visualize my thoughts, ideas, and moods in one place that I can come back to. It’s a constant source of inspiration that you can continue even after self-isolation.

Pinterest is my best friend. Pinterest is great at curating different pins based on graphics you save and like to add to your moodboards. Plus, they have a really cool feature where you can reorganize/reorder the pins in your moodboard. I can spend hours on this feature. It may seem intimidating at first but as you put the different pieces together, it can be easy and fun.

Here are some of my favorite moodboards:

  1. S/S outfits by Allegra Shaw
  2. Kitchens by Fresh Exchange
  3. Pick Up Limes by Pick Up Limes
  4. STYLE IDEAS by Not Your Standard
  5. INTERIORS by Not Your Standard
shanen’s make it fashun moodboard
my make it fashun moodboard

I treat moodboarding as a puzzle because it’s like putting pieces together to complete the bigger picture. Moodboarding gets major points in my book because it lets me channel my inner influencer without having to create new content. It’s very versatile and you can make up your own rules as you go! Moodboarding has also helped in my work life too because I can present my team with a concept, theme, and mood using visuals.

Make a Playlist

shanen’s make it fashun moodboard
my make it fashun moodboard

Did I lose you yet? I know that this one may sound stupid but making a playlist for every mood is a good way to discover new/old music. Listening to curated playlists allows me to go into any situation feeling like a badass. The perfect playlist can make any activity better, whether it’s stretching, working out or relaxing. It’s a fun and creative process to find what songs would best fit a mood. Right now I am working on my summer playlist because I am hopeful that we will have a summer.

You know that feeling when your shuffle is on point? Imagine feeling like that every time when you have a collection of playlists to choose from ?. Make the process fun by involving your friends (or anyone you’ve been talking to on your dating apps.) One good way to discover new music and connect with people is through their recommendations. Trade songs with each other and see what you can add to your playlist!

In the meantime, here are some songs that are currently on repeat for me that you can add to your playlist:

  1. Come Down by Anderson .Paak
  2. Nights by Frank Ocean
  4. Sumwrong by Leven Kali
  5. It Might Be Time by Tame Impala

Learn a New Song

If you told me 10 years ago that I would enjoy playing the piano in the future for fun I’d call you a liar. I have found a renewed love for piano during self-quarantine. Picking up an instrument and learning a new song allows me to set a goal. Now that I have extra time, picking up this hobby has been quite a ride! The keener in me has decided that my next song will be Debussy’s Clair De Lune and I am quite intimidated (wish me luck).

I will admit that I’m a little rusty but I have found it very enjoyable and satisfying learning to play new songs. Setting a goal like learning a new song has helped the time go by and makes me feel productive. I’ve also realized that it is a great outlet for me whenever I am feeling stressed or sad because it keeps my mind focused on something else.

Well, that’s it from me, until next time!

xoxo, Shanen ❣️