Detoxifying Your Dorm Room

Detoxifying Your Dorm Room

As you prepare for whatever the new season is bringing you, we wanted to make things a little bit easier by highlighting our favourite products that you can keep on hand at home. These staple products for your dorm room or apartment are the key to helping you feel ready to take on whatever your day might throw at you.

Shower Essentials

These are the perfect products to keep in your shower caddy!

The basd Body Wash gives that perfect clean feeling and the mint scent can help wake you up on those early mornings.

We were so excited when Canadian brand Rocky Mountain Soap relaunched their hair care line! Try out their new shampoo and conditioner and you won’t be disappointed. It helps to make hair less prone to breakage and give your hair the nutrients it needs.

If you’re in the market for new, non-toxic shaving cream, check out JUSU Body. They use the nutrient-packed pulp leftover from creating cold-pressed juices to make their products! Plus it’s super moisturizing and won’t irritate your skin.

Making Time for Yourself

Don’t forget to make yourself feel comfortable and at peace in your own space. If candles aren’t allowed where you live, try relaxing by using a room spray or essential oils in your favourite scent.

Province Apothecary makes Wellness Roll-Ons — you can also throw these in your bag to keep yourself calm throughout the day. A room spray is also a great way to destress and cheer up a lacklustre room. The Rocky Mountain Wellness Spray in “Calm Down” uses a combination of relaxing scents to make you feel uplifted!

Dresser Staples

Keep these go-tos on your dresser for everyday use.

Hand cream is necessary to fight off winter dryness, and the JUSU Body Hand Cream is a Think Dirty team favourite.

For the days when you want to skip the shower and hit the snooze button, dry shampoo is a life-saver. Primally Pure’s dry shampoo gets rid of greasiness and adds volume. Not all heroes wear capes. They have one for light hair and dark hair.

We know that when most people think about “natural” deodorants, one of the first things that comes to mind is probably sweat and the idea that it just doesn’t really work. But the fact of the matter is, most deodorants contain unhealthy ingredients, and many non-toxic deodorants actually do get the job done. We love the Cleo and Coco Charcoal Deodorant and the Kinkō Balancing Deodorant formula.

Home Cleaning

Cleaning up for just a few minutes a day helps keep your space neat! Think of it as self-care. Branch Basics makes a cleaning Concentrate that quickly turns into an All-Purpose Spray Cleaner that can be used to clean pretty much everything. Clean space = clean mind! (or so they say).

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