Whitespace x PFAs

Bubbly water drinks like La Croix and Bubly were favourites in my household until we learned about the insane levels of PFAs that are included.  What are PFAs?

The 12 Best Fragrance-Free Shampoos That Won’t Irritate Your Scalp

Anyone with sensitive skin knows how valuable it is to be aware of what goes into your skincare products. One of the most common ways to avoid flare-ups is by choosing formulas without fragrance. The same approach should be applied to your hair care products, especially since scalp health should never be neglected and is essential to proper hair growth.

Forever Chemicals: Is Make-Up Doing More Harm Than Good?

For those of us who choose to wear makeup, most often it’s to enhance the appearance of our skin; whether it be for that effortless glow or simply to convey the impression that we get a full eight hours of sleep. But with the recent news that major cosmetic brands are still selling makeup with ‘forever chemicals’ in the UK, are we actually doing ourselves more harm than good?

The Think Dirty Shop Offers an Exclusive Valentine’s Day Beauty Box

    Valentine’s Day is all about finding the perfect gift for a special someone, and that can be challenging at times. But don’t fret, the best gifts are those that are meaningful and come from the heart. Think Dirty knows a thing or two about good gifts, and the shop offers an exclusive Valentine’s Day beauty box that will make the perfect gift for anyone.

    Pink Ribbons Inc.

    Pink Ribbons, Inc. is a feature documentary that shows how the devastating reality of breast cancer, which marketing experts have labeled a “dream cause,” has been hijacked by a shiny, pink story of success.

    The Detox Market – Ingredient Standards

    At The Detox Market, we believe that beauty should make you feel good without compromising your health. That’s why, in order to live on our shelves, a product must be made with integrity, deliver fantastic results, and be free from synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. Consider this well-maintained index our promise that you can shop at The Detox Market with confidence. Use the guide below to explore what we keep out and why.

    Talc in Makeup

    Talc, or talcum powder, is a key ingredient in cosmetic makeup. There are concerns over its safety because of its potential to be tainted with asbestos, a toxic mineral. Lawsuits against talc manufacturers have been filed by those alleging the contaminated talc caused their illnesses.