10 Perfect Gifts for the Moms in Your Life

10 Perfect Gifts for the Moms in Your Life

It feels like a strange time to be writing a new gift guide. Nothing feels normal and it seems odd to be going through the usual motions of celebrating holidays as if nothing has changed from the last time we celebrated. Life is different now and we are all still coming to terms with it, and that’s okay. Whatever your situation is right now, we wanted to provide you with options because Mother’s Day 2020 is sneaking up!

To all the moms out there working ten times as hard during quarantine, we see you and we appreciate everything you do. Now more than ever is the time to let the moms and mother figures in our lives know how much we care about them! So let’s show our appreciation the best way we can and hope for brighter days to come when we can celebrate moms the way they truly deserve.

Due to our current circumstances, we’re limited in terms of gift-hunting as stores remain closed and not all businesses are operating at full capacity. That being said, we are lucky to be blessed with a little tool called the Internet. We curated our favorite online picks that we think most moms would love. Though it’s not about how much money you spend or what presents you buy, you can still show your mom a little love and appreciation with a nice gift that can be enjoyed at home.

Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum $32.99 USD

This is a great gift whether you have a skincare-obsessed mom or not. A simple but effective serum is the perfect addition to a daily routine. This top-rated anti-aging serum from Mad Hippie exfoliates and fights wrinkles but is gentle enough to avoid irritating sensitive skin.

Eyetitude IllumineyeZ Rejuvenator $129.99 USD

A luxe skincare treat for a fancy mom who deserves the world. This facial massager (hello, trendy) uses high-frequency vibrations combined with heat and red LED light to massage serums and creams into the deeper layers of the skin.

Codex Beauty Bia Day Cream $70 USD

Perfect for the no-nonsense mom who still looks amazing all the time. The Bia Day Cream feels light on the skin but packs a moisturizing punch. It also helps improve skin texture! Codex is also currently offering 25% off, plus free shipping over $40.

Rustic MAKA Natural Deodorants + Body Care Takes Two To Mango Daily Moisturizing Lotion $25 USD

This is a perfect budget-friendly option that still goes a long way. The lotion can be used on face, hands, body, feet, wherever a little extra hydration is needed. It smells amazing and keeps skin from getting too dehydrated throughout the dry months (or from all the handwashing).

Innersense Organic Beauty Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner $26 USD / $32 CAD

This leave-in detangling spray smells amazing and is perfect to use before styling. Plus, works on all hair types! The perfect addition to any moms’ haircare roster.

Innersense Organic Beauty Color Radiance Daily Conditioner $30 USD / $37 CAD

This is the perfect gift for the mom missing her monthly salon trip right about now. This conditioner will help revitalize hair that feels a little less-than and help with shine.

ABEL Nurture Eau de Parfum $105 USD

Non-toxic fragrances that still have the designer feel and quality are hard to come by. Most perfumes use synthetic fragrance ingredients, but ABEL is one of the exceptions. Isaac Sinclair, who has developed scents for brands like Lancome and Guerlain, is the master perfumer behind ABEL. His partner Fanny Grau, a mother herself, developed this perfume inspired by mothers and motherhood.

Innersense Organic Beauty Color Awakening Hairbath $28 USD / $35 CAD

This gentle shampoo shows color-treated hair a little extra love and will help bridge the gap until salons open back up. The ingredients are strong enough to protect and revitalize treated hair.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Solutions Kit $52 USD / $75 CAD

All moms are beautiful just the way they are. But for any mom looking for an extra skin boost, we love this anti-aging set from Juice Beauty. They use stem cells extracted from fruit to help skin glow. The antioxidant formula hydrates and protects to keep skin healthy. This set is heavily discounted, so grab one while they last!

Codex Beauty Bia Facial Oil $90 USD

This lightweight oil is packed with vitamin and antioxidant-rich ingredients like Rosehip and Sea Buckthorn. In Codex’s clinical trial, 100% of women saw a reduction in flakiness and an increase in skin hydration.

Think Dirty Gift Card $10–250 USD

Our newly launched very own gift cards can be used to purchase our Beauty Box! Delivered safely to our door and filled with 10 of our favorite non-toxic products for endless hours of self-care.